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Elizabeth Henshaw
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Education at The British School Rio, Seymour Lodge in Crieff, Scotland and Northlands in Buenos Aires.
Last employment – Standard Chartered Bank for 23 years where I was both coach & coachee. At the management level had the privilege of receiving technical, administrative, managerial and executive training. Responsible for the Brazil Representative Office from 1990 to 2003. As Country Manager dedicated myself to developing the people I was leading, always with the financial goals in mind. Over the years I went through the experience of surviving four acquisitions which entailed both radical and subtle changes of culture and methods. In all cases there were teams from both sides in several countries that were affected. I was instrumental in facilitating integration processes in Brazil and in other countries in Latin America.

INSEAD Standard Chartered MBA International Management Program
Creative Leadership – Greensboro, USA
Career Development Program – San Diego, USA
Effective Executive Speaking – Am Mgt Association Int’l – New York
Focus 300 – Trade Finance, Penang, Malaysia
Complete Study of Letters of Credit , Sao Paulo, Brazil
CSA – Credit Skills Assessment
Financial Risk Management – Port Dickson, Malaysia
Compliance Training Program – Miami
Derivatives Application Onshore/offshore – Rio de Janeiro

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What is coaching Coaches get people to achieve things. The coach identifies where the client is at point A and where they want to go at point B. The coach helps the client get there.  Through focus, planning, action, continued improvement and success.

Coaching helps clients examine what they are doing from a perspective of their intentions. The coach helps them execute actions to reach their goals and greater happiness so that they can express themselves better.

Coaching is a partnership with shared responsibility, focused on reaching goals and objectives. It’s a behavioral development process, focused on actions to develop or improve talents and abilities to reach targets.

What is Business Counselling  Working with a client who is uncomfortable or dissatisfied in their job or studies and is seeking initiatives and advice.  Issues are approached from a personal aspect with a view to improvement or change.

What is Mentoring  Usually an older and experienced executive, is seen as having more knowledge and wisdom, and gives recommendations and provides a role model. Sometimes wider discussions tend not to be limited to the work context.

What is Generative Coaching  Double loop coaching.  Helps the client deal with beliefs, altering the thoughts/thinking that previously originated the problem.

What is Intuition  Internal and available feeling/knowledge/fleeting idea, without the influence of rationalization or conscious reflection.  A powerful business tool !



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