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Independent Financial & Tax Planning for Expatriates

Based in Rio de Janeiro, we have a global reach via our partners who offer a wide range of experience across various areas of financial planning.




360o financial planning

We can help you to make informed financial decisions and prioritise your objectives in a structured manner. A meeting with us will help you to:

  • Review your assets and define personal goals
  • Enhance investment performance
  • Reduce overall fees across existing investments
  • Identify opportunities to reduce taxes
  • Ensure tax compliance in one or more countries

Retirement planning

Are you on track to enjoy an early retirement or financial independence?

We recommend a disciplined approach to retirement planning, ideally commencing at an early stage of your career. We can also review existing arrangements to enhance returns and reduce administrative costs.

Children’s education planning

University and school fees have increased significantly over the years and the provision of a good education is a major expense.

Long term planning is crucial to ensure that you have sufficient funds especially if you have more than one child and face the likelihood of your children studying abroad.

Transitional planning

In recent years in Brazil, many expatriates have been facing job insecurity and redundancies.

We provide pre-emptive advice to reduce the financial impact of potential upheaval.

International money transfers

Most of us would agree that it is simply too expensive and bureaucratic to make FX transfers via commercial banks.

We recommend secure and reputable money transfer companies to obtain favourable rates and reduce the headache, expense and paperwork of engaging with a local bank. We also assist you with relevant declarations and taxes.

Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and tax amnesties

Are your filings up to date in your countries of residence and citizenship?

Over 100 countries have signed up to the automatic exchange of information amongst participating countries which include Brazil, most of Mercosul, Canada and the EU. This will be in full effect by 2018.

The Brazilian tax amnesty (RERCT) and its implications.


Some countries already have bilateral and multilateral sharing agreements in place e.g. United States (FATCA).

We advise US citizens or individuals with exposure to the US on how to ensure full tax compliance.


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