BCS Membership Renewal and Donations 2018


The British and Commonwealth Society of Rio de Janeiro (BCS) 2018 Membership and Donations.

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Dear Member,

The BCS is looking forward to your continued support for another challenging year.

Membership rates have been set at a below-inflation rate, i.e. the same level as last year! Once again, we would like to encourage you to make a donation along with your subscription – either to one of the BCS Funds or to another community entity or fund. You can pay using PayPal from the BCS website or you can pay by deposit or online transfer to the account below. You can also pay by cheque or cash at the Office.

Banco Bradesco S/A                         Agência:  3369                       Conta corrente nº 3894-6

Name: The British and Commonwealth Society of Rio de Janeiro

CNPJ:  33.716.572/0001-20 


R$120 – Single membership                                     R$165 – Family membership


R$1425 – Lifetime Single                                          R$1900 – Lifetime Family


R$700 – Lifetime Single (over 70 years)                  R$950 – Lifetime Family (over 70 years)


R$000 – Over 80 years


If you pay by bank transfer or deposit, please send proof of your payment to the Office at assistente@bcsrio.org.br so that we can identify it as yours. You can usually do this directly via the online banking system, or save or photograph your “comprovante” and send it by email. If any of the above proves difficult, please contact the office and we’ll try to give you a hand.

Every year we encourage our Members to donate to the charities supported by our community, so please consider making your annual donation now. Most of the charities depend entirely on voluntary work and donations, and they make important contributions to local society; some of them are described below. Please mention the amounts and their destinations in your email or covering letter when you send us your proof of payment. Even if you have no subscription payment to make, because you opted for Life Membership or are exempt due to age, please collaborate in any way you can. I’M EXEMPT BUT I’D LIKE TO DONATE!

BCS Welfare Fund

The BCS Welfare Committee Members work hard to support those in need. Apart from financial support, we can make friendly visits and provide advice and companionship. If you would like to volunteer to help with visiting people in need, please contact the Office. We are also extremely grateful for any donation you direct to the Welfare section.


BCS Property Development Fund

Due to its age and status as a listed building, the property at Rua Real Grandeza 99 requires constant maintenance. An enormous amount of work has been done in the last years, some routine and some emergency (electric wiring, roof guttering etc.). Over the last year the Jubilee Hall has had an almost complete makeover thanks to a joint effort and contributions by all site users. We still want to address the lighting issue and renovate the kitchen. Please consider contributing towards further improvements that are sorely needed.


BCS Community Fund

This Fund covers most of the BCS’s activities, with the exception of Welfare for our own community. It is out of this Fund that we contribute towards several local charities. All our membership services, office expenses including salaries, subsidising of events, running the Website, are also provided for by this Fund.


British Burial Fund 

The “English Cemetery” at Gamboa is one of the oldest British institutions in Rio.  It is a state-listed monument and has to be kept in first-class repair. With the revitalization of the port area and the creation of the “Porto Maravilha”, the Prefeitura has been particularly demanding over the last few years and we are therefore in dire need of donations to help meet costs. We will be grateful for any amount you can contribute.  (Information: Chris Hieatt, British Burial Fund/English Cemetery. hieatt@terra.com.br)


ASA RIO – Anglican Social Action in Rio de Janeiro (formerly Boys’ Town)

Instead of an orphanage for boys, the premises and resources in Araras, near Petrópolis, are used to reach out to whole families, with pre-school education and a crèche for the very young children of bread-winning mothers. We also have a “Help to Families in Need” Project. Funds are used to help with building of more adequate accommodation for families as well as monthly food parcels, treatment for health problems and psychiatric issues, including drug and alcohol dependence, which can destroy family life. Your contributions towards this work are greatly valued. (Information: Noreen Smith. ronosmith@gmail.com)


Ambulatório da Praia do Pinto

The Ambulatório da Praia do Pinto was founded in 1954 in what was the  “Favela da Praia do Pinto” opposite the Paissandu Club, by Rev. R.K. Reibs and the wives of the UK, USA and Canadian Ambassadors. The Ambulatório is located on Rua Jardim Botânico and continues to offer healthcare to underprivileged families in the city and state of Rio. Over 20 doctors/dentists are employed, covering a wide range of specialities and the medication prescribed by them is given FREE to ‘clients.’ Tapestry work is also provided for about 80 ladies who work at home; they are given all the material necessary and are paid per square metre produced. These tapestries are then sold to the public. All this has a considerable cost and the APP is always in need of donations.  (www.ambpraiadopinto.webnode.com)


All the above donation options (and others) are available via the website, or you can drop us a line to say which fund you would like your donation to go to when you send us your proof of payment.

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