“Careless Talk Costs Lives”
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1941 - “Careless Talk Costs Lives”

The next set of accounts, January 16 to July 15, 1941, shows a similar level of subscription, but details the interesting appearance of a new class of spending: Propaganda. This included the printing costs for copies of the “Careless Talk Costs Lives” poster series.

Careless talk propaganda discouraged talking about sensitive material where it could be overheard by spies, showing either an Axis eavesdropper or depicting a death caused by such information leaking. It was also intended to prevent morale-sapping rumours from spreading.  The first posters were illustrated by “Fougasse” (Cyril Bird), a comic artist. After concluding that such talk was not a serious source of intelligence, and would often be dismissed as a plant, the campaign was not increased.

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