Farewell to the Ambassador
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1973 - Farewell to the Ambassador

A farewell party for Sir David and Lady Hunt was given by the BCS on July 18. “Salgadinhos were provided for an estimated attendance of 200 members (7 salgadinhos p/head), but everything was eaten by about 120 members (11.6 salgadinhos p/head). Accounts show: Salgadinhos (1,400 at Cr$ 0.36 each: Cr$ 504,00. Dip (2 bottles of mayo, CR$6,25 ea., 2 tins Nestlé cream: Cr$2,48 ea., 1 bottle Savora mustard: Cr$4,80. Total Cr$22,26. 6 maids at Cr$25 ea., 2 at Cr$20 ea., total Cr$1140,00. Flowers: Cr$60,00. Tip for João: Cr$30.”

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